How we start

Magnum Wine & Spirits J.S.C is a joint venture between Singaporean company Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd and 123 Holdings and Vietnamese company CT Group Vietnam.

Barworks Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd and 123 Holdings are one of Singapore’s top 10 distributors for alcoholic beverages and we had the privilege and trust of our wine & spirits partners to extend distribution rights to Vietnam as well. Magnum Wine & Spirits J.S.C is importer of the following brands for the Vietnamese Market.

We hold licence for Retail to serve end consumers and Wholesale Licence to serve businesses.


Why 1955? Year 1955 was held to be a golden year for wines. Sunshine and rain combined with expert winemakers produced superb quality wines to satisfy the most demanding tasters. Our 1955 Bottle Shop honors this special year by providing great products and excellent service for the enjoyment of our customers!

1955 Bottle Shop is our retail and corporate arm of Magnum Wine & Spirits J.S.C. Magnum was formed to conduct B2B activities with aim of distributing wines & spirits to businesses like Cafes, Bars, Clubs, Hypermarket and Hotels.

Tempus 2, Domaine Bousquet, Buronga Hill, Heritage Road, Tiki Wines, Akashi, Mars Iwai, Nikka, etc,… are our officially exclusive brands in Vietnam.


We always find the finest wines and whiskies to enrich the taste & the soul.


  • Develop sustainably with businesses of alcoholic beverage industry in Vietnam to bring many benefits for social and economic development of the community.
  • Constantly providing various products to meet the needs of all customers.
  • Become customers’ best choice with reasonable prices and high quality.
  • Promote branding strategy, maintaining traditional customers and exploiting new customers, expanding the market under the guideline “prestige and quality”.


  • 1955 Bottle Shop wishes to develop steadily and always lead the way in the alcoholic beverage industry and expanding the market.
  • 1955 Bottle Shop also speeds up the brand marketing strategy, maintain and expand the market, efforts to find new customers, new markets in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Mekong provinces.